Lovely Lucy. Not up for adoption yet but looking for a fosterer from 8th or 9th September
Lucy is 2 1/2

Lucy was sadly found abandoned in the countryside close to Seville in southern Spain at about age 1.5 years. We don’t know anything about her prior history. Since then she has lived in commercial kennels in Spain. It is a clean place where she has received good basic care but she has spent most of the time on her own in a concrete walled kennel and with just a bit of daily time out in the larger run. It is a lonely and restricted life and Lucy desperately needs to enjoy her youthful years with a loving family, home comforts, freedom to have walks, play and cuddles. And to have a happy forever future ahead of her, not more days and days alone penned up.

she shows no dominance or food aggression, they each had their bowl for food and went to their own bowl without any problems.

It would be lovely if Lucy could be in a home with lots of outdoor space where she can play or wander about. As a big dog and part mastin she will likely not need a lot of exercise but it would be wonderful if she could go out and about and experience life!

As the kennels are very rural and she was found in a rural area she will likely be very fearful initially of a town and cars and busy streets and is shy initially with people. She won’t have any experience of lead walking. However she is a gentle girl and with loving attention she should soon feel confident. She is large and so someone needs to know they are strong enough to walk with her. My experience with mastins in Spain is that they are like big kind gentle giants.

Our instinct is that she will make a really lovely family member. Perhaps adult family only because she is big and unknown but maybe with teenage kids. If there were another dog to play with that could be lovely for her if introduced with care. she is not a dominant dog, but more like a level girl, but also quite a pup so a level of bounce to her.

So, the best home for Lucy will be one that are all adults or the children being 14yrs or older
She is not cat tested
CT postcode
If you think you could foster Lucy or offer a forever home then go to fill the form in