Adopting a dog

Give a dog a loving home

If you’re looking to extend your family with a four legged friend, then adopt don’t shop.  With more dogs every year looking for homes it’s easy to find a dog that will fit in to your family – most of them already house-trained!

We understand that every dog is different and has different needs and our Guardian Angel Doggy Foster Carers will carefully profile the dogs in their care and work closely with our homecheckers to find you a good match!

Adopting a dog

When you adopt a dog, you will be responsible for that dog’s care.  Such costs as vet fees, vaccinations, flea and worming treatments, food, treats, leads and collars, bedding and toys will all need to be met.  

It’s also important that you spend time with a dog before taking it home.  Just like a person, that dog needs to get to know you and trust you.  Likewise, it’s a good idea for the dog to be gently introduced to other pets in your family.  

The importance of a home check

If you’d like to adopt a dog, you will first need to arrange a home check.  A member of the Guardian Angels team will visit you at home, talk you through the dog adoption process, answer any questions you have and make sure you are aware of the costs involved in adopting a dog both at the start and for the rest of that dogs life.    We will also confirm your home is suitable for the particular dog’s needs and talk to you about the dog’s history as far as we know.

Everyone who works for Guardian Angels Dog Rescue are very valuable volunteers who work free of charge and not for gain.  Our only aim is to find these lovely dogs a forever home. We will NOT tolerate verbal abuse, this is a form of assault. 

Adoption fees

We are asked many times, why do ask for an adoption fee.  For each dog we rescue, there are many costs which need to be met.  Our costs include :  

  • Fuel for transporting dogs
  • Vet bills 
  • Neutering/spaying
  • Microchipping
  • Flea and worming medications
  • Bedding
  • Leads and collars
  • Food some of which is for special dietary requirements
  • Toys
  • Website and advertising
  • Office Supplies
When you adopt a dog, we ask for an adoption donation which helps meet some of these costs:

Small to Medium size £250 – £300

Medium dogs £300 – £350
Large dogs £350 – £400

Rules of adoption

When you take a dog on a 2 week trial you must not change the dogs name until you have adopted the dog, this is because you may not find the dog suitable and the dog may come back to us. The dog must not be let off the lead whilst it is on trial

All vet treatment needed must be approved by us.  If it is not approved you may be liable for the vet costs.

A collar and the Guardian Angels dog disc must be worn at all times by the dog.

The dog must not be taken on holiday whilst on a 2 week trial, the dog is still under Guardian Angels Dog Rescue until officially adopted.

Whoever visits you to carry out the home check will go over the terms and conditions of Guardian Angels Dog Rescue.

Your adoption fee needs to be paid on receiving the dog. 
If the trial does not work out then the adoption fee will be returned to you.