Help Guardian Angels

How can you help us?

Guardian Angels are always extremely grateful for any help received.  Whether you’d like to foster or adopt a dog, make a monetary donation, donate prizes for our raffles and tombolas, or help us fundraise – we are happy to provide you all the support you need.

If you’re not in a position to help with any of the above, then you can do your bit by just letting people know about us….after all, sharing is caring.


We are always looking for volunteers to join us and help in any way they can, whether that’s donating time, money or new ideas for fundraising!

Maybe you can offer help with transporting dogs, dog walking, or taking a dog (or dogs!) into your care for a short time for fostering.

  • Hold a fundraising event
  • Hold a coffee morning 
  • Hold a Sponsored event
  • Hold a stall at a boot fair
  • Hold your own event
  • Spread the word about us

Sponsor a dog

All our dogs are cared for in the homes of our volunteers. Each volunteer can foster any number of dogs that they would like and we feel appropriate for the household.

When foster homes become full we start to place any further rescued dogs into kennels for which we have to cover the costs.
You can help us by sponsoring a dog in kennels for £3 per month (or £36 per year).

In return for your generosity, we will send you a certificate with details of the dog you are sponsoring along with periodical updates about your dog.  All sponsorship monies are paid straight to the kennels. 

Play the Doggy Bonus Ball Lottery


Choose from numbers 1-59. Numbers:  £3 each.  Buy as many available numbers as you like!    Click the button below to email us with the number you’d like to buy.  The winning number is drawn on the last Saturday of every month and is chosen by the Bonus Ball of the main National Lottery draw.


  • All players must be 16 or over to play in this draw.
  • If all 59 numbers are sold, the prize money will be £100.  If any numbers are left unsold, we will deduct £1.50 from the prize money as well as the money raised for Guardian Angels Dog Rescue (eg. if 5 numbers are unsold, the proceeds will be reduced by £7.50 each.  The prize money will be £92.50).
  • If you are lucky enough to win a draw the prize will be sent to you by PayPal.

    Guardian Angels Dog Rescue will also benefit by £77.00 which will help with the costs of vet bills, food & kennel costs.


Our aim is to educate dog owners and potential dog owners to make them more aware of their responsibilities towards their pets.

As part of our programme, we :

  • educate on the responsibilities of dog ownership
  • promote neutering and spaying
  • offer dietary advice
  • provide details of behaviourists and trainers 
For more information, please contact us…

Make a donation

With your kind generosity, we are able to carry on the work we do rescuing dogs, some of which are living in very harsh conditions.  

If you’d like to donate, whether that’s a one off donation or a regular payment, all donations are gratefully received.


Direct bank payments: 
Sort code:  40-32-02    |    Account No: 11688340

or click the Donate button below to donate via PayPal.