Hi, I’m Milo
My story so far:

Hello my name is Milo and I am a 4yr old cockapo
I’m a bit of a thief, I’m always nicking things and running away, great game especially when you chase me lol
I need a bit of trying and boundaries laid out cos I don’t take any notice
I’m a bit dominant so ned a good telling that’s it’s not all about me lol
I am house trained, good on a lead
I whine a bit if I’m left on my own but this can be worked on
All in all I’m a loving dog
I need a home where I am the only dog cos I can be a bit bossy and overbearing to another dog inside
Not cat tested but I expect I would chase it
Kids 12yrs or older cos I’m very bouncy and would knock a kid over
CT postcode
Go to www.guardianangelsdogrescue.co.uk and fill the form in