Guardian Angels Dog Rescue


Breed: Border Collie
Age: 7 | Gender: Male
Neutered: Yes | Chipped: Yes
Other pets: No other pets | Children: Over 12

My name is Charlie and I am a lovely very friendly boy. I’m a Border Collie . I’m 7 so not old, a boy still in his youth
I would be your best friend if you let me
I really want to be the only doggie in your home cos I don’t want to share you. Not only that I don’t like living with another dog cos they steal my food and toys and I don’t like it.what’s mine is mine
A few things I would like, I don’t mind kids as long as they are 12 yrs or older
I am very intelligent so I need you to see that by showing me a few boundaries, I can learn fast so let’s give it a go
Please please please let me come and live with you, I will be a good boy I promise
If you go to our web page we have a form you can fill in. Please make sure you answer every question cos I need to know what your going to offer me
I want to go to Herne Bay or Whitstable or near them places
I know I’m not the most handsome boy in the world BUT I can love you and be your bestest friend ever
I’m waiting for you

Enquiries to: Christine, Jackie