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The Bonus Ball Monthly Draw Rules
  1. When will the draw take place and how will it be drawn?


    The draw will take place on the LAST Saturday of the month. The winning number will be chosen by the bonus ball of the main national lottery draw. All players must be over 16 to play in this draw. Please note that the first draw will not take place until the last Saturday of June. If the draw is successful we hope to continue it on a monthly basis.
  2. How do I play?


    The cost of each number between 1 & 59 is £3, just pay for the numbers you would like by PayPal to then let us know on the Facebook post which numbers you would like. The posts will be taken on first come basis, so if someone has requested a number you would like in a post before you they will be accepted first. Please note that no entries can be accepted after 19.30 on the day of the draw.
  3. How much could I win?


    If all 59 numbers are sold the prize money will be £100. If it happens that there are any numbers unsold then we will need to deduct £1.50 from the prize money as well as the money raised for Guardian Angels Dog Rescue. i.e. if 5 numbers are unsold the prize money and the proceeds will be reduced by £7.50 each. The prize money will then be £92.50.
  4. How will I receive my prize?


    If you are lucky enough to win a draw the prize will be sent to you by PayPal. Guardian Angels Dog Rescue will also benefit by £77.00 which will help with the costs of vet bills, food & kennelling when needed.

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