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Dogs are wise. They crawl away into a quiet corner and lick their wounds and do not rejoin the world until they are whole once more.
—Agatha Christie 
The benefits of a rescue dog

Having a rescue dog may sometimes be a challenge but it is extremely rewarding. The bond you have with a rescue dog is very special because you have given them a home and helped guide them through their issues. It’s important to remember that not all rescue dogs are difficult, some have to be rehomed through no fault of their own and are well trained.

You get a sense of achievement when you have a rescue dog, especially when you start to see improvements and how happy your dog is in their new home. For some dogs who have had a terrible start to life you are giving them a new lease of life. They may have had bad experiences of humans and need to rebuild their trust.

​​​Buying a puppy can also be very expensive, with some breeds costing over £1000. We charge a small fee to help with costs to the rescue. This is usually between £100 and £190, far less than the cost of a puppy. It’s also hard work bringing up a puppy. They require a lot of attention, can’t be left for long and need toilet training. Most adult rescue dogs will be house trained and have basic training. With a puppy this has to be done from scratch.​​
As we are a non profit organisation we are unable to receive funding from lottery grants and other large organisations, so we rely on your generocity and fundraising events to allow us to carry on caring and re-homing dogs that are in need of our care.

Prior to any adoption we are required to do a homecheck to ensure that your home and garden is suitable for the dog and the dog you would like is suitable for your family.

We are looking for donations that we can use in our raffle.  If you can help please contact us.

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